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Why is Variable Frequency Drive
Preventative Maintenance Important?

Like other equipment, Variable Frequency Drives need preventative maintenance too. The preventative maintenance keeps the VFDs clean and free of dust, dirt and other contaminates. We do this by cleaning the entire VFD Cabinet. VFDs collect dust from the cooling fans and heat sinks. The fans keep the VFD cabinet cool but also draw in these contaminates. VFD Cabinets come with filters to clean the intake air, but as time goes on these filters begin to get dirty and clogged. The VFD Filters need to be cleaned periodically. The heat sinks on the drives also need to be cleaned. We clean them with high pressure blowers. After cleaning the drive, we check for any lose connections within the drive cabinet. We also do a visual inspection of all boards and components. We finish the drive service with a thermo imager, making sure there are no hot spots at electrical connections in the drive, make adjustments and scan again. We finally test the drive, make programming adjustments and provide the customer with a detailed inspection report. 

VFD Service Contract Scope

• Clean the VFD Cabinet Interior, Filters and Heatsink.
• Perform thermal infrared scan of all electrical connections within cabinet and make on-site remediation if possible and scan again.
• Visual inspection of boards, as well as all components in the system.
• Check for proper cooling fan operation.
• Make programming adjustments as necessary.
• Provide written report of all findings and recommendations.

FVD All-Inclusive Service and Parts Contract

We also provide an all-inclusive VFD Service Contract that covers the cost of all service visits and repair parts for the duration of the service contract.