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Sewage Lift Station Repair

K&G Power Systems has been repairing New York’s Sewage Lift Stations for over 60 years.  K&G specializes in repairing and servicing all aspects of a Sewage Lift Station.  We have done extensive work with New York’s Towns and Cities to ensure that their Sewage Lift Stations are continually in operation. Call now to speak with K&G's Pump Repair Team. 

K&G's Repair Capabilities for New York's Sewage Lift Stations

Sewage Lift Stations take a beating over the years.  This is why K&G has invested in a large Sewage Pump Repair Team to help New York keep their Sewage Lift Stations in working order.  Our Sewage Pump Repair Team has all of the necessary tools and equipment to repair the typical Sewage Lift Station.  Our Team is also Confined Space Certified and specializes in retrofitting old Sewage Lift Stations for the New York Metro Area.

Sewage Pump Installation & Removal • Sewage Pump Clog Removal • Check Valve Service • Sewage Pump Slide Rail Repair

Sewage Lift Station Repair

Sewage Pump Shop Repair Control Panel Supply, Install, Repair and Troubleshooting
• Full Pump Recondition
• Seal Failure
• Motor Failure
• Bearing Replacements
• Impeller Reconditioning
• Cord Replacements
• Supply
• Installation
• Start-Up
• Troubleshooting
• Replacement

Lift Station Retrofits, Engineering and Supply
K&G has worked with many New York Engineering Companies to assist in designing a properly sized Sewage Lift Station.  We have also helped with the difficult job of retrofitting old Sewage Lift Stations to work with Submersible Sewage Pumps.  K&G is ready to provide Sewage Pump Design, Drawings, Pump Curves and Budgetary Cost Estimates.  Call today to speak with K&G’s Pump Engineering group.

Emergency Sewage Lift Station Repair
K&G’s Sewage Pump Repair Team is available 24/7 to repair New York’s Sewage Lift Stations.  Our Repair Team is dispatched locally in Manhattan, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.