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Case Study Introduction:

KG Power Systems contacted a local food packaging company to find out if they needed help with their compressed air system. Little did we know the customer was actually in the process of building a new plant in the Bronx and was looking for engineering help in designing his new system. The system was to be used for conveyor and food packaging equipment. It was also going to be running 24 hours a day. A competitive compressor distributor and service company had been handling this account for many decades.

Problem/ Issue:

Upon our first visit we found a poorly designed system with a dryer and receiver tank that was both undersized and not properly applied. We also found that the competitor was not properly maintaining the equipment.

The customer's biggest issue was water downstream, which was fouling his conveyor and packaging equipment. He also had pressure drop issues every time his heatless desiccant dryer blew down the beds (Most desiccant dryers use air for the compressor system to dry its beds this can be anywhere from 15 to 20%.... You must size the receivers properly when applying this technology.)


While Working with the customers engineering firm, our design and installation engineers were able to come up with a proposal for his new building. We correctly sized a system that was both reliable and that could grow with his future needs. We also quoted two heated desiccant dryers and multiple large air tanks that would remove the pressure drop issues form the air treatment system (Heated desiccant dryers use less of the systems compressed air to dry their beds).


The incumbent compressor company ended up quoting a similar system that was less expensive, but again they were under sizing the receiver tanks and misapplying the dryers. This time the customer knew this would be an issue and chose KG Power Systems' proposal. The job was completed in under 4 weeks.


Everything is working great and the customer just awarded us a contract to supply and install over 2500 feet of piping for all the production and packaging equipment.

Key Takeaway:

It is always important to discuss not only what is needed at that date and time but also what will be added in the future. If they do not know, a general rule of thumb is 20 to 25% additional for future growth.

In addition, it is important to properly apply compressed air equipment. Remember, If your compressed air system is not working correctly, or you feel your compressed air supplier quotes you equipment with little knowledge, hang up and call someone else.