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NY University Air Compressor System Repair


KG Power Systems was contacted by a local city college to quote the repair and replacement of an aging compressed air piping and filtration system. The system was for both Lab and Building air and ran 24hours a day. A competitive compressor distributor and service company had been handling this account for many decades.

Problem/ Issue:

Upon our first visit we found a complicated, poorly designed system with over 20 filters, 4 dryers and 3 compressors.  The set up had a disastrous piping system including five different size pipes from 3/8's to 2". In addition, we discovered that the university's two 25HP compressors were continually running.

The customer's compressors had reliability, air quality and pressure issues. They had just added an additional 15HP compressor, multiple filters and two dryers to fix the issue. Even with all this, the customer was still having problems.


While collaborating with the customer and our design and installation engineers, KG Power System was able to quickly come up with a solution. Our professionals knew this would be an easy fix.  The customer's equipment had a high amount of pressure drop points in the system as well as too many filters and dryers! The customer's set up also did not have any automatic drip legs and no oil water separator. Look at the pictures below and you will see the simplicity of the new system opposed to the existing. A rule to remember, in compressed air more is never better.  Also, The right amount with 20 to 25% additional for growth, is what you want.


We completed the job in under a week and without interrupting their system. We were also able to shut down one 25HP and give the customer a better air quality.


Not long after the project, the NYC university awarded KG Power Systems the service and supply contract for over 30 of their buildings and over 75 of their compressors. We are finding that the old service provider installed the same style system all around town, we have a lot of work to do!

Key Takeaway:

If your compressed air system is not working correctly? Or is your compressed air supplier quoting you more equipment without even a little investigation? Hang up and call in the proffesionals!

Compressed Air System Repair NY