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Sewage Ejector Upgrade

Refurbish, Repair and Replace Yeomans Ejector Pumps, Flygt Pumps, Temporary Pumping, New Sanitary Supply and Discharge Piping and Controls.
KG Power Systems: Prime Contractor, Site Work and Mechanical.

Project Management:
o Submittals, CPM Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Weekly Meetings, Toolbox Safety Talks.
o On-site Foreman/Project Manager.
o Coordinated work with Metro North Railroad and GCT, minimum shutdowns allowed – 24/7 Facility.
o Main Sewage Ejectors have a flow of 50 - 100 GPM at low periods (Night).

Site Work & Temporary Systems:
o Temporary Pumping Systems for East and West Sewage Ejector Pits. All shutdowns at night.

Plumbing and Mechanical Work:
o New Supply and Discharge 6” and 8” Sanitary Piping.
o New Pinch Valves and Check Valves.
o New Sewage Pit Sump Pumps and Duplex Multitrode Pump System in East and West Pit.
o New Compressed Air Control Piping for Pneumatic Sewage Ejectors.
o Refurbished all Pneumatic Ejectors.

o Installation of new Duplex Control Panels, Pumps, Controls and Sensors.
o Installation of BMS Control Points and Integration with Siemens BMS Provider.
o Installation of Pressure Transducers and Submersible Pressure Transducers.