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Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment and Motor Upgrade

Job Details:

Commissioned: Partnered with an HVAC Manufacturer/Contractor

3/23/2011 - 3/25/2011

Location: Major College on Long Island, New York

KG Power Systems was contacted by an HVAC Contractor on February 22, 2010 to help them replace and upgrade 24 centrifugal pump motors, ranging from 3 HP to 100 HP, at three college campuses on Long Island, New York. The HVAC Manufacturer felt that it was in their best interest to Subcontract the repair work as their comparative advantage lies in complete sales and not repair work.

Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment and Motor Upgrade

Scope of project:

Motor and Pump Connection:

Some of the units had soft foot problems (motor bases were broken, rotting or chipped, causing the motor to become misaligned and/or vibrate) causing increased and uneven wear on the shaft couplings. To repair the soft foot problem, K&G retrofitted new motor bases, allowing for a suitable area to mount the new premium efficient motors. To ensure the motor end coupling and the pump end coupling were aligned properly; KG Power Systems used a laser aligner to ensure a perfectly straight and aligned connection. This is very important, because if the couplings are misaligned the coupling connector will wear quickly causing increased downtime. The motor also becomes damaged overtime as the bearings take on  forces, causing uneven wear and shaft damage.

Motor Upgrade:

All standard efficient motors were replaced by premium efficient motors.
Misaligned Symptoms: Rubber dust from a worn coupling insert after 2 months of operation.

Shaft and Bearing Damage Caused by Misalignment:

Motor Upgrade

Shaft and Bearing Damage Caused by Misalignment