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Grand Central Station Sewage Ejector Upgrade

Grand Central Station Sewage Ejector Upgrade

Refurbish, Repair and Replace Yeomans Ejector Pumps, Flygt Pumps, Temporary Pumping, New Sanitary Supply and Discharge Piping and Controls.
KG Power Systems: Prime Contractor, Site Work and Mechanical.

Project Management:
o Submittals, CPM Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Weekly Meetings, Toolbox Safety Talks.
o On-site Foreman/Project Manager.
o Coordinated work with Metro North Railroad and GCT, minimum shutdowns allowed – 24/7 Facility.
o Main Sewage Ejectors have a flow of 50 - 100 GPM at low periods (Night).

Site Work & Temporary Systems:
o Temporary Pumping Systems for East and West Sewage Ejector Pits. All shutdowns at night.

Plumbing and Mechanical Work:
o New Supply and Discharge 6” and 8” Sanitary Piping.
o New Pinch Valves and Check Valves.
o New Sewage Pit Sump Pumps and Duplex Multitrode Pump System in East and West Pit.
o New Compressed Air Control Piping for Pneumatic Sewage Ejectors.
o Refurbished all Pneumatic Ejectors.

o Installation of new Duplex Control Panels, Pumps, Controls and Sensors.
o Installation of BMS Control Points and Integration with Siemens BMS Provider.
o Installation of Pressure Transducers and Submersible Pressure Transducers.

Administrative Project Manager: Chris Musarra & JR Gandolfo
Onsite Project Manager and Foreman: Chris Gandolfo

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