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KG Power System can repair your commercial pump needs in the New York Metro Area. Throughout the years, we have grown by providing excellent customer service and a helpful attitude which kept us one of the top pump suppliers and service companies in the New York Metropolitan Area. 

Full on-site Pump Repair Capabilities 

Call our sales team today for quick quotes, competative pricing and fast lead times. We promise excellent customer service, a knowledgeable sales team, honest prices and fast lead times. 

Pump Repairing & Troubleshooting

Looking to service your pump? KG Power Systems offers both In-Shop and On-Site Service.  We offer 24-Hr emergency service, on-site troubleshooting, readily available pump repair parts, a 21,000 sq. ft. repair shop and a team of technicians with over 60 years of pump repair experience.

21,000 sq. ft. Pump Repair Shop

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Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment and Upgrade
Sewage Lift Station Repair
Submersible Turbine Pump Repair Ny and Long Island
Fire Pump Repair NY & Long Island
Pump Station Repair

Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems Installation
Turbine Starter System
Sewage Ejector Pump Repair New York City Hospital
Vacuum Pump and Blower Service

Pump Repair Hauppauge, NY Pump Service, Hauppauge, Long Island, NY Pump, Pump Repair NY Pump Repair, Long Island, NY

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Goulds Jet Pump
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AMT Pumps

AMT Pumps SalesAMT Coolant Pumps, AMT Drum Pumps, AMT Engine Driven and Diaphragm Pumps, AMT High Pressure / Firefighting Engine Driven Pumps, AMT HVAC / Multistage Pumps, AMT Pedestal Drive Pumps, AMT Self-Priming Electric Pumps, AMT Speciality Pumps, AMT Straight Centrifugal Pumps, AMT Submersible and Sump Pumps, AMT Drainage / Utility Submersible Pumps, AMT Pump Parts and more. 

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Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps SalesGoulds Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pumps, Goulds High Temp Pumps, Goulds Jet Pump and Tank Packages, Goulds Multi-Stage Booster Pumps, Goulds Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps, Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pumps, Goulds JRD Convertible Jet Pumps, Goulds Air Handling Shallow Well Jet Pumps, Goulds Specialty Pumps, Goulds Irrigation Pumps, Goulds Verticle Jet Pumps, Goulds Sump Pumps, Goulds Sewage Pumps, Goulds Submersible Well Pumps, Goulds Grinder Pumps, Goulds Water Pressure Tanks, Goulds Pump Parts and more. 

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Berkeley Pumps

Berkeley Pumps SalesBerkeley Centrifugal Pumps, Berkeley Sewage / Self-Priming Trash Pump Series, Berkeley Air Cooled Engine Drive Pumps, Berkeley 4" Submersible Pumps, Berkeley 6" Submersible Pumps, Berkeley Utility Pumps, Berkeley MGP / MGPS High-Pressure Booster Pump Series, Berkeley 70 GPM Cast Iron Turbine Pumps Series, Berkeley Pump Parts, Berkeley Frame Mount Pumps, Berkeley S.A.E Mounts Pumps and more.

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KG Power Systems Direct Ships to most locations in the United States! Call today!

AMT Pumps, Berkeley Pumps, Dixon Pumps, Weinman Pumps, Little Giant Pumps, Bell & Gossett Pumps, Barnes Pumps, Burks Pumps, Mody Pumps, Multiquip Pumps, Goulds Pumps, Sta-Rite Pumps, Myers Pumps, Zoeller Pumps
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Mody Pumps

Mody Pumps SalesMody Industrial Series Pumps, Mody Slimline Series Pumps, Mody Stainless Steel Series Pumps, Mody Dewatering Pumps, Mody Submersible Pumps, Mody Heavy Duty Dewatering Pumps, Submersible turbine pumps, Mody Slimline Pumps, Mody Stainless Steel Pumps, Mody NC Series SS Pumps, Mody M-Series SS Pumps, Mody NC Series Pumps, Mody M-Series Pumps and more. 

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Barnes Pumps

Crane / Barnes Pumps SalesBarnes Centrifugal Pumps, Barnes Condensate Pumps, Barnes Effluent Pumps, Barnes Fountain Pumps, Barnes Grinder Pumps, Barnes SH Series pumps, Barnes Solids Handling Pump, Barnes Sump and Utility Pumps, Barnes Sump Pumps, Submersible Fountain Pumps, Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps, Barnes Pump Parts and more. 

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Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pumps Sales

Little Giant Effluent Pumps, Little Giant Effluent Self-Priming Pumps, Little Giant Grinder Pumps, Little Giant High Head Effluent Pumps, Little Giant High Head Filtered Effluent Pumps, Little Giant High Temperature Effluent Pumps, Little Giant Sewage Pumps, Little Giant Sump Pumps, Little Giant Utility Pumps and more. 

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