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Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair

Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair Long Island & NYC

A nonworking Portable Air Compressor can put a real strain on your company's bottom line and this is why KG Power System has invested in a large Portable Air Compressor Service Team. Over the past 60 years, KG Power System has become New York and Long Island's largest Portable Air Compressor Repair Shop. We have grown on great customer service, a helpful attitude, fast turn around and reliable repair work.

Portable Air Compressor Service • Air-End Rebuilds • Engine Rebuilds and Swaps • Preventive Maintenance 
EPA Compliant Exhaust Rebuilds
• Custom Hose Reel Mounts

Portable Air Compressors

Looking for a New Portable Air Compressor?

KG Power Systems is the NY Metro Area's largest Ingersoll Rand and Kaeser Air Compressor Distributor. Please call today to speak with one of our Air Compressor Sales Engineers.

CFM Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) Kaeser Compressors
 50 CFM  M15 Air Compressor
 92 CFM   M27 Air Compressor
 185 CFM   C185 Air Compressor
 P185 Air Compressor
 M50 Air Compressor 
 200 - 250 CFM  P250 Air Compressor
 XP200 Air Compressor 
M57 Air Compressor 
 260/220 CFM   P260/HP220 Air Compressor
 375 - 425 CFM   P425/HP375 Air Compressor   M100 Air Compressor
 450 - 600 CFM   HP450/VHP400 Air Compressor
 P600/XP535 Air Compressor
 M122 Air Compressor
 750 CFM   HP750 Air Compressor 
 900 - 915 CFM   HP915 Air Compressor  M250 Air Compressor 
 1200 CFM   M350 Air Compressor


Preventive Maintenance Parts In-Stock
• Air Filter Elements
• Oil Separator Elements
• Fuel Filter Elements
• Engine Oil Filters

Install a Hose Reel on Your Portable Air Compressor
• Welded on for more durability
• Hand Crank Hose Reels
• Automatic Hose Reels
• Increases the life of your hose
• Great for Irrigation Winter Blowouts!

Portable Air Compressor

New York's Leading Air Compressor Repair and Service Center

New York's Ingersoll Rand, Doosan and Kaeser Portable Air Compressor Repair and Service Center

KG Power Systems is Ingersoll Rand, Doosan and Kaeser's exclusive Portable Air Compressor Service Center for the New York Metro Area. Our Long Island Air Compressor Shop carries a large inventory of Portable Air compressor parts, allowing for fast repair and turnaround. 
Is your Diesel Air Compressor under warranty? We are the NYC/Long Island authorized warranty repair shop for all Ingersoll Rand, Doosan and Kaeser Diesel Air Compressor components.

24/7 Emergency Portable Air Compressor Service in the NY Metro Area

Through the years we have invested in a large Portable Air Compressor Repair Team to respond quickly to our customers' emergencies. Our Repair Technicians are strategically located in the New York Metro Area and are ready to help.

Just Need a Tune Up? K&G also specialized in providing Portable Preventive Maintenance.
Call K&G's Service Department today!