Brooklyn Air Compressor System Installation

Summary: Complete Replacement of Compressed Air System: Remove and Replace (3) 75 HP Variable Speed Compressors, Tanks, Dryers, 3000 Feet of CA Distribution Piping, Provided Temporary Systems and Replaced Exhaust Fans.

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Pump Station Service

Summary: Upgrade the Ball Field Pump Station in the Calverton Sewer District: Temporary sanitary wastewater pumping systems, remove and replace column ejector system with new duplex submersible sewage pumps and control system, install online stand-by backup Generator, install new primary PSEG transformer and PSEG Meter, install new 20’ NEMA 4 Stainless Steel Electrical Rack (ECBs, ATS, Main Breaker Panelboard, Disconnects, Duplex Pump Controls and SCADA System), all secondary electrical, pump slides, DIP Piping, Plug Valves and Check Valves.  Replaced all hatches, manhole castings, handrails and pump hoists.  Performed all excavating, site work and rigging.

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Sewage Lift Station Repair

Fire Pump Repair NY & Long Island

Hydrostatic Tank Testing of Compressed Air Tanks NYC

Air Knife Drying System Long Island & New York City

Building Efficiency Upgrade NYC

K&G Power Systems was contracted from the New York Power Authority to upgrade the efficiency of Grand Central Terminal’s HVAC and sewage system.

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Submersible Turbine Pump Repair NY and Long Island

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair NYC Hospital

HVAC Electric Motor Upgrade Queens, New York

Compressed Air System Reliability Upgrade

After completing a compressed air system reliability and energy survey, K&G redesigned and installed a new compressed air system gaining both reliability and energy savings.

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Shaft Machining and Pillow Block Bearing Replacement

Centrifugal Pump Laser Alignment and Motor Upgrade

60 HP Blower Repair and Motor Upgrade

Variable Frequency Drive Upgrade and Retrofit

Turbine Starter System

250 HP Fan Repair and Motor Rewind

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