Exhaust Fan and Ventilator Fan Repair

Published at Jun 6, 2016

Supply Fan, Exhaust Fan Repair New York and Long Island

KG Power Systems has been repairing New York and Long Island's Ventilation Fans for over 60 years. Through the years, we have gained the knowledge and experience to allow us to quickly and effectively repair New York's Building Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Blowers, Roof Top Commercial Fans, HVAC Circulation Fans and Elevator Shaft Ventilation Fans. 

24/7 Emergency Ventilation Fan Repair NYC and Long Island!

Fan and Blower Repair New York City & Long Island

NYC Property Managers have come to depend on KG Power Systems' Fan and Blower Repair Team. We have invested in a large HVAC Repair Team to make sure we are ready to help you get your HVAC System back in operation. 

Authorized Trane Repair and Service Centers for NYC and Long Island

Trane Commercial has chosen KG Power Systems to be one of their top Repair and Service Contractors in the New York City and Long Island Area. Trane calls on KG Power Systems' HVAC repair experience to perform Air Handler Repair, Motor Upgrades, Bearing Replacement, Fan and Blower Balancing, Field Laser Alignment, Cooling Tower Pump Repair and Compressed Air Systems. 

                  60 Years of Fan Repair Experience!Duct Fan Repair NYC

  •                          Ventilation Fans
  •                          Air Handlers
  •                          Roof-top Fans
  •                          Exhaust Fans and Blowers
  •                          Fresh Air Intake Fans
  •                          Elevator Shaft Ventilation Fans
  •                          Duct Fans
  •                          Variable Speed HVAC Drives
  •                          Multi Speed Blowers and FansPillow Block Bearing Replacement NYC & LI
  •                          Squirel Cage Blowers
  •                          Univent Blowers
  •                          Roof-top Air Handlers
  •                          Cooling Tower Fans
  •                          Ventilators
  •                          Circulator Fans

Service Team is OSHA Trained and Certified

            Our On-Site Repair CapabilitiesExhaust Fan and Blower Repair New York City and Long Island

  •                Fan and Bower Balancing
  •                Laser Alignment
  •                Bearing Replacement
  •                Belt Replacement
  •                Coupling and Pulley Replacement
  •                Shaft Repair
  •                Vibration AnalysisAir Handler Repair and Service NYC & LI
  •                Gear Box Repair
  •                VFD Upgrades and Replacement
  •                VFD Programming
  •                Fan and Blower Replacement
  •                Pillow Block Bearing Replacement
  •                Motor Replacement and Repair
  •                VFD and Motor Control Wiring
  •                Louver Repair and Engineering
  •                Building Control Troubleshooting