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Published at Jun 6, 2016

Electric Motor Service and Repair NY

Established in 1949, KG Power Systems has become New York’s leading Electric Motor Repair and Service Shop.  Throughout the years, we have grown by providing good customer service and a helpful attitude that has kept NY’s Electric Motors running. 

At its inception, K&G began rewinding armatures in a Brooklyn garage for the Coney Island Bumper Car Company.  Over the past 60 years, we have expanded into a modern 21,000 Square Foot Electric Motor Repair Shop and have gained significant experience rewinding and repairing electric motors and the equipment they power.

Electric Motor Rewinds up to 400 HP and Full Machining Capabilities

Our Electric Motor Repair Shop has the ability to rewind AC and DC Motors, Hollowshaft Motors, Generators, Armatures and Variable Frequency Motors.  Our Machine Room allows us to machine your worn Motor Shafts and Endbells in house, expediting turnaround.  Damaged Shafts and Key Ways are replaced by milling and machining a new shaft.  Hard to replace OEM Motors are rebuilt rather than being replaced saving you both money and downtime.

Readily Available Electric Motor Repair Parts for Fast Turnaround

Our Electric Motor Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY has a large inventory of Bearings, Endbells, Shafts, Brushes, Controls, Motor Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, Wire, Replacement Motors, Stators, Commutators, Keys, Couplings and Gear Box Parts.  Unlike others, we know the importance of using genuine replacement bearings and the correct grade of wire when rewinding and rebuilding your motor.    

24/7 Emergency Electric Motor Service and Repair

Whether you are a property manager, maintenance manager, manufacturer or an HVAC contractor, you know that when an electric motor goes down it can cause significant problems.  This is why we have invested in a large service team to respond quickly to all of your electric motor emergencies.  Our repair techs are strategically located and ready to help in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island.    

We Use Laser Aligners and Dynamic Balancers to Ensure Accurate Electric Motor Swaps

Our field motor service team is equipped with a portable dynamic balancer and a laser aligner to ensure a dead on straight motor swap.  This increases the running life of your motor, coupling, belt, sheave and the pump, fan or blower that is being powered. 

Our philosophy for the last 60 plus years has been “Customer First” and we pledge to keep this philosophy.

How We Can Help You?

In-Shop Service On-Site Service        Electric Motor Shaft Repair and Machining, New York Electric Motor Repair Shop, Machine Shop NY, Shaft Conditioning
  • Electric Motor Rewinds Up to 400 HP
  • DC Motor Repair
  • Synchronous Motor Repair
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Shaft and Endbell Machining
  • Undercut Commutator
  • Gear Box Rebuilds
  • Servo Motor Repair
  • Shaft Balancing
  • Vibration Analysis


  • Vibration Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Controls Troubleshooting and Repair
  • VSD Repair
  • Coupling, Sheave and Belt Replacement
  • Soft Foot Repair
  • Installations
  • Encoder Replacement
  • Premium Efficient Motor Upgrade Projects

Pick Up and Delivery for all Electric Motor Repairs in the New York Metro Area! 

 Recent Projects

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 Services Provided


 70 HVAC Premium Efficient Motor Upgrades, Replaced and Wired New Controls, Replaced Motor Connections.


 Two 250 HP Explosion Proof Motor Rewinds, Laser Alignment, Sheave and Belt Replacement and Fabrication of Custom Levers.

60 HP BLOWER REPAIR AND MOTOR UPGRADE                                                         

 Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment, Pillow Block Bearing Replacement, Motor Upgrade, Motor Base Retrofit, Sheave and Belt Replacement.


 Variable Frequency Drive Retrofit.  

Do You Know?

NYPA, LIPA and NYSERDA will pay you rebates for Electric Motor Energy Upgrade Projects. 

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Brands We Carry 

AO Smith Motors Baldor Motors Century Motors Leeson Motors
    US Motors        Emerson Motors Magnetek Motors            GE Motors
 Yaskawa Drive  Lincoln Motors  Browning Gearing          Gates Belts and Pulleys

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