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Brooklyn Air Compressor System Installation

Brooklyn Air Compressor System Installation

Job Details:

Contract: 100% Complete as of June 2014
Summary: Complete Replacement of Compressed Air System: Remove and Replace (3) 75 HP Variable Speed Compressors, Tanks, Dryers, 3000 Feet of CA Distribution Piping, Provided Temporary Systems and Replaced Exhaust Fans.
KG Power Systems: Prime Contractor, Site Work, Mechanical and Distribution Plumbing.


Air Compressor System Installation

Scope of project:

Project Management:  
• Submittals, CPM Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Weekly Meetings, Toolbox Safety Talks.
• On-site Foreman and Project Manager.
• Coordinated work with USPS, zero shutdowns allowed – 24/7 Facility. 

Site Work & Temporary Systems: 
• Installed Temporary Exterior 150 HP Air Compressor to Power 24/7 Processing Facility.  Zero Downtime allowed.  Temporary Controls, Filters, Dryers and Bypass Piping.
• Demolish (3) 100 HP Compressors, Dryers, Tanks and Filters.
• Demolish existing concrete pads, electrical and exhaust fan.
• Form, Mix and Pour New Concrete Housekeeping Pads.
• Rig new (3) 75 HP compressors and (2) 1550 Gallon Tanks
• Cut Mezzanine Floor for new Exhaust Ducting.

Plumbing and Mechanical Work:
• Installed over 3000 Feet of Compressed Air Distribution Piping in Processing Plant.  Coordinated work between three shifts, coordinated over 50 machine tie overs with no downtime allowed, temporary bypass piping and ultrasonic leak testing.
• Core Drill Floors.
• Hot Work Permits and Welding associated with Pipe Fitting in Compressor Room.   

Managed all aspects of new Electrical Service Installation of new Fused Disconnects, ECB’s, Line Reactors and Breaker Distribution Panel.
Scheduled Shutdowns.
Onsite Project Manager to guide and manage Electrical Subcontractor.


Air Compressor System Installation
Air Compressor System Installation